What kinds of issues do you treat?

People who are struggling with depressed mood, significant mood swing, anxiety, obsessive or compulsive problems, concentration problem, trauma related nightmares, substance overuse, insomnia, depressive or anxiety symptom that is caused by medical conditions or coexist with medical conditions. These issues may or may not be related with obvious stress in life.

Who do you see?

Adults 18-65

What are your rates and how can I pay ?

$ 195 for 45 minutes initial visit.

$85 for 15 minutes follow up visit for medication management.

Cash, checks and credit cards are accepted.

Do you take insurance?

Not at this time.

Reasons to consider Private Pay or “out of pocket”

Because insurance companies only cover care that is “medically necessary”, i.e. that which has a recognized mental health diagnosis attached, insurance does not cover a full range of of concerns that people bring to psychiatric treatment. People seek psychiatric care for many reasons, ranging from depression, anxiety to concerns with identity (spirituality, LGBT issues, self acceptance) or phase of life (transition to new relationship, occupation, caring for an elderly parent).

Many patients are concerned about privacy. In order to obtain reimbursement, the insurance company has to know personal information about you and can review your records at their discretion. Your diagnosis is something that is seen by multiple people at the insurance company and can be shared with other insurance companies – life/disability/future health insurance companies and the government. Some employers can even request you release the information to them, which can have an impact on the status of your employment or, in some cases, impact your ability to advance.

What kind of methods you use for treatment?

Medication management. We will help you review your medications for your depression, anxiety or other mental health related issues. We will work with you to find an appropriate medication or a combination of several medications that improves your symptom and functionality, but tolerable and has as lease side effect as possible. We care about long term effects and side effects of medications, so the seemingly immediate effective medication at the moment may not be the right medication for long term use.

We believe medication and psychotherapy are both effective treatment for conditions like depression and anxiety, so you may be referred to start psychotherapy, or conventionally also being called “talk therapy” or “counseling” with a clinical psychologist, licensed clinical social worker, or licensed professional counselor if you are not in therapy.

A follow up visit for medication management is 15 minutes, usually there is not enough time to do full psychotherapy, the mainly focus will be on medication effectiveness, side effects, and adjustment. However, we may briefly talk with you about exercise, healthy diet, weight loss, smoking cessation, avoid of mood altering substances including coffee, alcohol or recreational drugs. We may discuss about relaxation technique, breathing technique, sleep hygiene, meditation, and relationship when it is appropriate.

For certain situations when the diagnosis is not clear by history and the initial psychiatry evaluation, we may refer you for NeuroPsychological evaluation. These situations may  include some cases of adult ADHD, bipolar disorder, or PTSD.