My name is Yongbing L. Pu. I am a psychiatrist by profession and founder of Southside Psychiatry Clinic (SPC). I consider myself both a medically trained physician and a mental health provider. Being a physician, I will help you manage your psychotropic medications. Being a mental health provider, I will always listen to your story and concerns, understand your point of view and position, and may provide my insight when appropriate.

The purpose of medicine is: “Cure sometimes, treat often, comfort always.” (Hippocrates). At Southside Psychiatry Clinic, we strive to use minimal amount of medications to achieve maximum relief of symptoms. We review medication side effects, and adjust medications based on both effectiveness and side effects.

At Southside Psychiatry Clinic, we treat you as a unique individual who suffers from depression, anxiety or other conditions that life sends your way. You deserve to be treated as a unique individual, not a carrier of multiple conditions or diagnosis. We provide individualized treatment that is in consistent with updated treatment guideline.

We believe that every human being is unique. You have your own unique stories. To be suffering from mental health symptoms severe enough that are in need of psychotherapy and/or psychotropic medication(s), you must have some life stories that you really wants to share with somebody. What is lacking is not stories, but a person who cares and is ready to listen unjudgementally.

Just the fact of being listened to and being understood is in itself  THERAPEUTIC. As mental health providers, we are trained to listen with empathy. We are trained to tell the truth. We do not necessarily always agree with your opinion, but at least we listen and understand where your emotions and thoughts came from, and why you are acting the way  you are now. This type of listening and understanding forms the basis of psychotherapy and medication management.